Kavach Application

Kavach Application for NIC/GOV emails

Important Notice:

This web page is an exclusive guide for government officials handling NIC / GOV emails (@ nic.in and @ gov.in). If you are a general public, kindly leave from this page. Thanks...

Kavach Application - An Introduction:

Normally the username / password is sufficient to access your NIC / GOV email. This Kavach application has been introduced to provide another protection (2FA-Two Factor Authentication) for your emails, this means that in addition to providing the password, you will also need to access your e-mail with an authentication through the Kavach application. This allows no one to access your email without your permission. It protects your emails and keeps access to it under your control.

After installing and adding you email in the Kavach application on your computer, mobile phone or laptop, you must "Accept" the notification that comes with this application each time your email is accessed. The usage of this application is very simple.

Please note the following tips before proceeding with Kavach Application:

  • Make sure the mobile number is linked to your email. Otherwise contact the National Informatics Center.
  • If your email is inactive, contact the National Informatics Centre to change it to Active.
  • The Kavach application can only be authenticated on a maximum of three devices (computer, mobile) per email. You can access your email from any computer, but you must grant permission from any of the devices on which the Kavach application is installed.
  • You can access your email from anywhere if you have this app installed on your mobile phone.
  • Note that after setting up your email account in the Kavach app, you will be able to sign in only with this Kavach utility every time you access your email.
  • Each time you access your email, the notification will go to all the devices (mobile, computer) that you have authorized to use your email account in Kavach. You can sign in to your email account by giving permission via any one of these device.
  • If you do not receive any notification in the Kavach when accessing your email, you can retrieve it by clicking on the PULL in the Kavach application. If you still do not receive any notification, please be aware that you can sign in to your mail using the the 6-digit number (OTP) that changes every 30 seconds in the Kavach application without any gaps at the end of your password.
  • Two Factor Authentication is used to protect your email from being misused by anyone else. You are therefore advised to install this Kavach application without any hesitation and ensure the security of your email account.

You can know the details about the Kavach application by following the instructions given in the guides below. After login to your mail you can see the Video Tutorials section about kavach applications.

  1. How to Install Kavach
  2. Kavach Installation and Usage
  3. Download Kavach Desktop Application
  4. Video link for Installation and Usage of Kavach in Mobiles
  5. Email Service Update Form (To activate, update mobile number,...)

If you want to access your email other than this shield application you can also access it through mail clients like Mozilla Thunderbird. The corresponding guide is given below.

  1. How to Configure NIC mail in Thunderbird mail client

For details on the usage of Kavach, doubts and issues arising in the use of Kavach, please contact the Concerned department NIC Officials / NIC District Centre.